Snow White LABEL Dual & Led® – Ø80 & 110 Fougère B fragrance : Orange, Lavender, Pink Berry, Tree Moss


FOUGÈRE B Fragrance :

Orange, Lavender, Pink Berry, Tree Moss


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The SNOW WHITE LABEL collection from COSSTRA design is an Opaline mouth blown glass, powdered with shiny metallic particles and covered by Cristallin glass.
The edges are cut cold and polished by hand.
Our unique fragrances are developed by our perfumers in Grasse, our Soja wax is natural, our wicks are braided cotton.
They are carefully handcrafted in Belgium.
This collection is inspired by a balance of simplicity, style and originality technical know-how.
Being produced by hand, each one is unique, which accounts for it’s originality, the thickness of the glass can vary as well as the amount of wax.
A refill service is available on our website so that your candle remains a candle for life.

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